Heart vine pattern on a purple and green background on this furoshiki Japanese wrapping cloth from Majime life.
Double sided furoshiki gives one the option to choose two colours to wrap your bento box.
The heart patterns face each other, which symbolizes cooperation.
Top view of knot of bento box wrapped in the Isa Monyo Heart Vine  furoshiki.
This reversible furoshiki from Majime Life has a green and purple background. This image shows the purple side.
Isa Monyo Heart Vine pattern furoshiki has two sides, one coloured purple and the other with a green background. heart vine patterns are printed on it.

Isa Monyo Heart Vine Purple and Green Double Sided Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 48cm

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The love chain, or chain of hearts, on this furoshiki features heart patterns facing each other which symbolizes 'cooperation'. The purplish navy blue colour is a palette used on hats during the coronation of the emperor in Japan. Matching this on the other side of the furoshiki is a matcha green colour. These colours are a typical Japanese style of colour matching and provides a very calm aesthetic, perfect for the lead up to a relaxing bento box meal. 

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More about the pattern

Isa monyo (Isa pattern) is a pattern dyeing technique handed down since ancient times in Japan. The technique results in innovative. intricate and delicate patterns and is achieved by carving out the patterns on specially prepared paper using a knife or sword. This template paper is then placed over cloth or Japanese paper, and a series of gluing, dyeing and washing steps are taken that finally results in a dyed pattern on the target material. The sharp lines created by carving combined with the soft outline from the glue results in a work that expresses both sharpness and warmth. This furoshiki represents such works from that era in Japan.  

Recommended uses

Bento box wrapping, tissue box cover, book covers, gift wrapping, picnic basket cover, fruit bowls, table runner, cushion runner

Product details

This furoshiki can be used to wrap our standard sized bento boxes and will not fit our picnic bento boxesUse a larger furoshiki for our picnic bento boxes. 

  • Made in Japan
  • Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Product care: Machine washable (cold wash); Like all cotton materials, a little colour may fade over time, so wash with like colours; Hot iron - 180-200 degrees

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Simply Amazing!

This versitle wrapping cloth can be used to wrap your bento box, or a tissue box or even your chopsticks for an on the go alternative.

The wrapping cloth is is so good that it has two different reversable options for you to decide on which side you want to wrap...

Its perfect in its length, in the quality of the wrap and it is completely made in Japan its just fantastic!

Thank you Ken for yet another amazing product where the photo really doesn't do thr qaulity and craftmanship of the product any justice.

Hit add to cart and purchase immediately!

Thank you! Yes there's so many uses for furoshiki apart from wrapping bento boxes. It can go well with home decor too. Glad you liked it!


This furoshiki is reversible, so I'm happy that it can be used on both sides.

Yes, the furoshiki is reversible so you can enjoy twice the design. Thanks for the review!