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onigiri food picks 6 pieces close up onigiri picks 6 pieces
flower bee food picks 8 pieces bento food picks flower theme 8 pieces
dinosaur food picks overhead shot 6 pieces dinosaur food picks 6 pieces
Dinosaur shaped food picks | 6 piece set
Sale price$8.00
bento filler shapes food picks broccoli, egg, prawn, sausage food picks
bento fillers food picks version 2 6 pieces bento fillers food picks 2 close together
leaves food picks 8 pieces leaves food picks close up
Leaves shaped food picks | 8 piece set
Sale price$7.00
animal shaped long food picks 4 pieces animal shaped long food picks lined up


Food picks to make your bento box more vibrant

Using accessories like food picks in your bento box is quite the norm in Japan. They allow you to keep small pieces of food firmly in place, make it convenient to pick up and eat, and provide a sense of organization. Kids also love these items especially one with cute designs. 

We have a growing collection of food picks to help you prepare your bento box. Organize your food, beauty them up, and get picking with these bento food picks!