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bento fillers food picks version 2 6 pieces bento fillers food picks 2 close together
animal shaped long food picks 4 pieces animal shaped long food picks lined up
leaves food picks 8 pieces leaves food picks close up
Leaves shaped food picks | 8 piece set
Sale price$7.00
onigiri packing sheets 10 pack close up onigiri sheets packet
Onigiri wrapping sheets | 10 sheets
Sale price$5.00
alphabet food cutter 28 pieces detailed closeup alphabet shaped food cutters
Alphabet shaped food cutters | 28 piece set
Sale price$12.00
flower bee food picks 8 pieces bento food picks flower theme 8 pieces
Vegetable cutter shapes 6 pieces with cut carrots Vegetable Cutter Shapes Japanese Plant Symbols 6 piece set
Egg Moulds Rabbit and Bear Faces Egg Moulds Rabbit and Bear Faces
Egg Moulds Rabbit and Bear Faces
Sale price$8.50
dinosaur food picks overhead shot 6 pieces dinosaur food picks 6 pieces
Dinosaur shaped food picks | 6 piece set
Sale price$8.00
onigiri food picks 6 pieces close up onigiri picks 6 pieces
Sandwich cutters and sealers various shapes Sandwich Cutter and Sealer | Heart, Clover, Square Shapes
Egg Moulds Car and Fish Shapes Egg Moulds Car and Fish Shapes
Egg Moulds Car and Fish Shapes
Sale price$8.50
Four square lettuce shaped green divider cups  with food Product photo shot of square green lettuce divider cups 4 pack
Lettuce leaf rectangle divider cups with food 3 pack of rectangle lettuce leaf divider cups
Lettuce shaped oval divider cups with food Green Lettuce leaf shaped oval divider cups 3 pack  at Majime Life
Onigirazu rice sandwich maker square shaped packaging of the rice sandwich maker akebono
Onigirazu Rice Sandwich Maker | Square
Sale price$14.00
bento filler shapes food picks broccoli, egg, prawn, sausage food picks
sauce dip mini bento cups 4 colours sauce and dip mini bento cups with lids opened
Mini sauce and dip cups | 4 piece set
Sale price$6.50

Bento box accessories and tools to help you with your bento preparation

Sometimes you need to take a little shortcut to organize and make your bento look a little bit more fun. We've taken the time to bring you Japanese bento accessories right here in Australia, to add some variety to your bento tool kit. 

Sandwich cutters and sealers

If you have kids, you'll know that sometimes making a sandwich for their lunch box is synomous with making a mess. With our selection of sandwich cutters and sealers, you'll be able to add fillings, seal the edges and cut into cute shapes at the same time! This will not only help little ones not spill the fillings during lunch time, but also make their meal that much more fun. These items have been designed and made in Japan. 

Stainless steel shape cutters

These shape cutters add a little flair to your bento with Japanese plant themed symbols. Use them on almost any vegetable or fruit for a variety of textures and colours to add to your meal. 

Divider cups

These are great items to help organize your bento and keep food separate. They also come in different shapes so you can choose the right one for the right bento box. This is a mandantory bento accessory. 

Other accessories

Visit our bento box bands and spare parts page for other items replacement and spare items.

bento box accessories