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hanamaru white oval 2 tier bento box all components hanamaru oval white 2 tier bento box
Hanamaru White Oval 2 Tier Bento Box
Sale price$39.90
hanamaru white slim 2 tier bento box hanamaru white slim bento box disassembled
Hanamaru White Slim 2 Tier Bento Box
Sale price$39.90
enyama jubako 3 tier picnic bento box sakura flower patterns spirally stacked 3 layers of picnic bento box
Enyama Shidare Sakura 3 Tier Picnic Bento Box
Sale price$120.00
Juniper monotone 1 tier bento box onigiri bento in juniper bento box
Juniper Monotone 1 Tier Bento Box
Sale price$45.50
kokeshi ichiro bento box big kokeshi ichiro bento food example
Kokeshi Ichiro 2 Tier and Bowl Bento Box
Sale price$45.00
kokeshi hanako bento box big kokeshi hanako bento box with food
Kokeshi Hanako 2 Tier and Bowl Bento Box
Sale price$45.00
seigaiha 2 tier bento box seigaiha bento box with layers stacked
Seigaiha 2 Tier Bento Box
Sale price$49.90
mokume koban hinoki brown 1 tier bento box internal divider removed hinoki brown bento box
Mokume Koban Hinoki Brown 1 Tier Bento Box
Sale price$48.00
oval shaped 1 tier bento box with side latches inner divider removed from the hinoki green 1 tier bento box
Mokume Koban Hinoki Green 1 Tier Bento Box
Sale price$48.00
hinoki nuri wappa 1 tier bento box hinoki 1 tier bento box opened
Hinoki Nuri Wappa 1 Tier Bento Box
Sale price$40.00
hanamaru white 3 tier bento box white picnic bento box 3 tiers spirally stacked
Hanamaru White 3 Tier Picnic Bento Box
Sale price$74.50
tsukihana bento box pouch set bento box opened with pouch in background
Tsukihana Bento Box and Pouch Set
Sale price$25.00
japanese themed gift for father's day containing bento box, drink bottle and bento lunch bag Allday Black Drink Bottle and Walnut Bento Box Set
Pink bento box ready for lunch with kimono yume sakura bento box
Pink Bento Box | Kimono Yume Sakura 2 Tier
Sale price$49.90
yume sakura chopsticks bento box set close up chopsticks case and sakura bento box pink
Yume Sakura Chopsticks and Bento Box Set
Sale price$68.00
Sakura usagi red bento bundle set all items red bento box with sakura and rabbit patterns next to a chopsticks case and chopsticks
Sakura Usagi Red Bento Box Set
Sale price$76.90
Sakura Usagi Red 2 Tier Bento Box Sakura Usagi Red 2 Tier Bento Box
Sakura Usagi Red 2 Tier Bento Box
Sale price$49.90
sakura usagi pink bento box bundle side view shot of chopsticks case with chospticks and pink bento box
Sakura Usagi Pink Bento Box Set
Sale price$76.90
Sakura Usagi Pink 2 Tier Bento Box at Majime Life Sakura Usagi Pink 2 Tier Bento Box opened showing the layers
Sakura Usagi Pink 2 Tier Bento Box
Sale price$49.90
3 tier bento box hanamaru ojyu bako gold flower symbols bento box 3 tier stacked in a spiral
Hanamaru Brown 3 Tier Picnic Bento Box
Sale price$74.50

Bento boxes for adults and kids - a quintessential Japanese collection

Bento boxes are a great way to pack your lunch – for adults, kids and fussy eaters alike! Japanese designs are usually not divided into sections to keep different types of food separate, like we often see with kids lunch boxes. They are often a practical rectangular or oval shape, either one or two layers, and rely on the person making the bento to utilize the space fully. It is almost an art. They are compact and look great, and for those inclined, nudges one to think about portions and what to pack to create a balanced meal. 

For an adult bento box, you can prepare food like stir fries with rice, leftover pasta, or just some steamed vegatables and fruit. With a little effort, organizing the food in a compact space can make it much more appealing come lunch time. At least that is what the Japanese do.

For kids, they are great for cut sandwiches, fruit and other snacks. The cute aesthetics of some of the flower based bento box designs are sure to make them stand out amongst their peers.  

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Check out our range of both traditional and stylish designs. We are sure you will find your favourite! 

More on our Japanese bento lunch boxes 

Traditionally, the Japanese are known for their expertise in using space effectively, and bento lunch boxes incorporate this through square and rectangular-shaped sections. This attention to detail makes them a highly popular accessory the world over.

You can choose from our different bento box series, all available through our online store.

Basic Bento Box Series

If you're looking for an adult bento lunch box that is simple yet functional, then you can’t look past our Basic Bento Box Series. With the convenience of being microwave and dishwasher safe, the elegant and minimalistic designs are perfect for the busy adult those who prefer to keep things simple and practical. 

Picnic Box Series

Also known as ‘ojyu bako’, our picnic boxes are made for sharing – which makes them ideal for picnics, barbeques, and social gatherings. In Japan, they are popular during the cherry blossom season. They’re also slightly bigger, so they can carry more food. With their multi-tiered designs, you can use these as a grazing board for special occasions. You’ll often find they’re used for onigiri and maki-zushi sushi rolls.

Sakura Mokume Series

Designed with sakura cherry blossom flowers on a wood-grain backdrop, our Sakura Mokume collection of Japanese bento boxes offers a touch of Japanese aethestic and elegance to elevate your meal experience. Great for both kids and adults alike. 

Wagara Series

The Wagara bento box series incorporate Japanese themed patterns by silk printing or cloth infusion. Cloth infusion takes traditional Japanese patterned fabrics and infuses them into the lid of the bento box. These make beautiful gifts for yourself or that someone special, and endow a little Japanese experience during lunch time. Wagara means ‘Japanese patterns’, and these usually have a unique meaning based on Japan's deep history. Perfect for lovers of Japan. 

Nuri Wappa Series

Hand-painted for an elegant finish, our Nuri Wappa series is designed to give a more traditional Japanese bento look and feel. This style is based on ‘Magewappa’, the traditional Japanese craft of bending wood using steam or boiled water. And as these are not actually made of wood, this is the ideal bento box for adults who want a Japanese style design but with the convenience of easy use and care. 

Shop Japanese bento boxes online now

The collection Japanese style bento boxes at Majime Life reflects our love for Japanese food and culture. We have a wide selection of quality products ready to be delivered straight to your door.

If you have any questions regarding our popular product range - from furoshiki Japanese wrapping cloths to bento box accessories - feel free to contact us. We’ll always do our best to offer advice and guide you through the many options available.

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