If you're looking to add a Japanese touch to your lunch time routine, expand your lunch box collection or just plain like Japanese products, you've come to the right place. 

About Majime Life

Majime Life offers a wide selection of elegant and functional bento boxes and other lunchware from Japan. Explore our minimalistic basic bento box series, experience our beautiful Japanese patterned Wagara series, or take advantage of our versatile picnic bento boxes that are great for outdoor and social events. All of our bento boxes have been sourced and made from reputable brands and suppliers in Japan. Japanese products have a reputation of high quality and reliability, and we strive to make sure the lunchware we offer are no different. Dress up your packed meal and elevate your eating time each day, everyday!

We also bring you bento box accessories, Japanese wrapping cloths (Furoshiki), chopsticks and drink bottles, and are dedicated to help you experience a quintessential Japanese bento life. 

We hope you’ll find something that suits your needs!

Message from Ken, owner of Majime Life

Bento Box from High School

Apologies for the crummy image. This is my bento box from high school in 1994. It's a one layered lunch box, with clips on the side and indent in the inner lid to hold a spoon or chopsticks. Actually I think my mother never used it - she just placed the whole thing in a small bag with the cutlery. 

I was always the envy of the boys club at school. My mother woke up early to prepare delicious lunches for my brother and I. The bento box routine is such an ingrained daily event in Japanese culture, and little that I know that I would be selling bento boxes one day! 

My name is Ken. I am Japanese, I love Japan, and I somehow wanted to turn that into something I loved to do for a living. 

Enter Majime Life. Lunch boxes are nothing new and very popular in Australia, especially for kids. Grown ups too would bring their own lunch to work for health reasons or to save money. I thought back to my high school days in Japan and my bento box experiences. Japan has so many great looking yet functional boxes, and I couldn't easily find similar looking ones here in Australia. And so began my journey of finding and introducing unique, beautiful and great quality bento boxes from Japan that can elevate one's meal time experience. I really hope you like them. 

Majime means ‘serious’ or ‘in earnest’ in Japanese, and Majime Life was conceived on a personal realization that I needed to break out of the norm to find what I was really 'earnest' about in life. Everyone has their own 'Majime Life' and I hope I can share mine with you. 

With thanks,