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hama monyo japanese plum camellia furoshiki side profile shot hama monyo plum camellia furoshiki laid flat
hama monyo sakura shizuka furoshiki front shot hama monyo 90cm furoshiki sakura shizuka
furoshiki bag with ring handles handle rings for furoshiki bag
Handle Rings for Furoshiki Bag
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Isa Monyo Japanese Plum Baby Pink and Blue Double Sided Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 48cm Isa Monyo Japanese Plum Baby Pink and Blue Double Sided Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 48cm
close up ume zukushi furoshiki ume zukushi furoshiki hama monyo laid flat
close up front profile furoshiki tsukishita hama monyo hama monyo tsukishita furoshiki
hama monyo hare no hi furoshiki wrapped bento box close up showing turtle hama monyo hare no hi furoshiki laid flat
close up bento box wrapped knot blue orange furoshiki blue orange furoshiki covering bento box
omotenashi sakura baby blue green furoshiki sakura baby blue green furoshiki covering pink bento box
omotenashi sakura charcoal black pink furoshiki omotenashi sakura charcoal pink furoshiki covering bento box
close up sid profile hama monyo poinsettia furoshiki hama monyo poinsettia red furoshiki 50cm
crane akane fuji furoshiki front shot overhead shot of crane and akane fuji furoshiki wrapping cloth
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cat lantern blue furoshiki overhead shot of cat and lantern blue furoshiki from hama monyo
Hama Monyo Celebration Crane Navy Furoshiki Japanese wrapping cloth Furoshiki covering bento box
great wave kanagawa furoshiki hokusai 68cm furoshiki laid over hanamaru picnic bento box
hama monyo celebration crane red furoshiki 50cm celebration crane red furoshiki covering a light brown bento box
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hama monyo hanabi kingyo fireworks goldfish furoshiki colourful hanabi kingyo furoshiki covering a white bento box
Hama monyo red and white japanese plum flowers in peony snow furoshiki Hama monyo furoshiki japanese wrapping cloth covering a bento box
hama monyo sakura scape pink furoshiki 50cm sakura scape japanese wrapping cloth covering a red bento box
hama monyo miyabi sakura furoshiki 50cm miyabi sakura furoshiki covering a red bento box

Furoshiki cloths for wrapping bento boxes, gifts and items you wouldn't have thought of

Traditional Japanese wrapping cloths – also known as furoshiki – are a wonderful accessory for bento boxes, but can also be used for a range of other purposes. Whether it’s to wrap elegant gifts or sake bottles, or to turn a tissue box into a centrepiece, these nifty accessories are a must-have in any household.

If you have been wondering where to buy furoshiki wrapping cloths in Australia, you've come to the right place. With our collection of beautifully designed Japanese furoshiki cloths, you’re sure to find the perfect design to pair with one of our bento boxes or blend with your home décor.

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Sizes and options of Japanese wrapping cloths

Designed to fit small, medium and large bento boxes, furoshiki cloths come in a variety of sizes. These include:

  • 45-50cm for small, medium, and even some larger-sized bento boxes.
  • 68-70cm for picnic boxes (also called “ojyu bako” in Japanese).
  • Over 90cm: designed for larger boxes and can even be used as a small bag.

Knowing which size furoshiki is best for your needs can be confusing as there are many different options on offer. Let's consider their uses so you can decide which is best for you.

For everyday use

We recommend choosing a smaller-sized furoshiki for everyday use – something between around 50cm. This is because they are big enough to wrap 1 or 2 tiered bento boxes and some smaller picnic bento boxes. They’re incredibly versatile and can also serve as table cloths, cushion covers, and to wrap or cover household items (such as tissue boxes) to add more life to any house décor.

As a fabric gift wrap

Sustainable and durable, using furoshiki for gift wrapping is an eco-friendly option that not only helps to reduce waste, but also adds more uniqueness to your gift. 50cm is a good size to start with, but of course it will depend on the size of the gift. We have a selection of larger sized ones (more than 70cm) for bigger items. 

With the many designs and colours, using furoshiki as gift wraps is a great way to convey your best wishes with a personal touch.

For picnics

If you’re heading out on a picnic using the larger-sized bento boxes, choose furoshiki that are larger than 70cm. This will allow you to wrap your containers without any hassle.

The furoshiki can then serve as a lunch mat or cover food to protect from insects. What’s great is that they are machine-washable, so you can use them again and again for another occasion.

Why you should use an official Japanese furoshiki cloth

We often get asked, wouldn't using any cloth to wrap bento boxes and other items serve the same purpose? The truth is that you can, but the furoshiki is designed perfectly to reflect Japanese culture, design and tradition, and what better item to complement your Japan made bento boxes? Plus, it can be used for virtually anything – from converting into a bag to wrapping your wine bottles.

Ready for a fun fact? Japanese furoshiki cloths actually date back more than 1200 years, when it was originally called ‘tsutsumi’. In those times, the cloths were used to wrap precious objects stored at Japanese temples. Over the years, their use changed, and they are now even used as shopping bags to carry food, items, tools and gifts.

Shop for gorgeous furoshikis now

Ready to grab some of your own wrapping cloths for your household? Browse our vibrant range online, and we’ll ship your order anywhere in Australia.

Have a question to ask? Get in touch with our Majime Life team, who are available to provide recommendations and support.

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