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Nifty and light

It doesn't take up much storage space and it's light, easy to wash and a convenient and quick way to make onigirazu.

Thank you Joseph. We use it too sometimes in our household and it makes a nice and quick onigirazu.

Convenient 2 in 1 Bento box

It's amazing. It may look small but if you use Japanese short grain rice, this box will fill you up decently.

Thanks alot for your feedback Joseph! Yes this bento box looks small, but it can actually pack a filling lunch. Hope it will serve you well!

Bento box

This is a great bento box. A perfect accessory for a picnic

Thanks for your purchase KB! So glad you liked this one too!

Love this one!

This is very sleek and cute, so simple yet very elegant, elevates my lunch experience every time! I love putting desserts on this as well.

Thanks so much Rosselle! It is indeed quite versatile. Hope it serves you well for a long time and on many occasions to come.

very nice

holds way more than you think, material is so nice and easily washable, will definitely get more maybe for christmas 💖💖

Thank you Martin! Yes this bento box holds more than meets the eye, especially since it is also quite deep. Thanks again for your purchase.


really handy chopsticks, great with the case and the band to keep it safe and secure

Thanks alot Martin! Hope they'll be your go to bento chopsticks for a long time to come.

Very stylish

Beautiful and functional

Thanks alot KB, and glad you liked this bento box!

The perfect “manly” lunchbox

Bought this originally as a gift for my Husband and he gets so many compliments about it at work!

It fits a fantastic amount of food and the compartments are really good. Just a beautifully made, quality product.

Have now bought more for Christmas presents!

Thanks so much Melanie, and so glad the bento box has ticked those boxes! Hope you like your new presents too!

Cool bottle

I bought the white version some time back and bought this blue one as a gift. This bottle is really compact and keeps my hot coffee hot for a very long time. I was surprised it can fit a large coffee even though it looks so compact. I'm sure my friend will like it.

Thanks alot NK! The colour of this bottle is reall nice. Hope your gift is well received.

Beautiful lunch box

Bought this a few weeks ago.
It is beautiful and very compact.
Great quality product. Love it

Thanks so much Lam for your purchase. Hope it will serve you well for a long time to come!

Very cute

Bought this as a Xmas present for a cat-loving friend. She's going to love it, it's super cute while being suitable for an adult. Also, very quick on posting my order. Thanks 👍

Thanks so much Ali. It's a really cute piece, especially with the birds too. Hope your friend likes it!


Absolutely love the colours and scene of this furoshiki. I think I might display it rather than use it!

Thanks alot Ali! The scenary does invoke a feeling that you are really looking at something serene. A framed display would be a great idea!

Keeps your miso HOT!

The colour of this is gorgeous. It's a lovely shade of rust red (for lack of a better description) which is very subtle and elegant. It's a good size thermos, which holds a good amount of miso. What impressed me is how warm (HOT!) it kept my miso. Even with the lid off, my miso was still hot after an hour! Really impressive. Easy to clean and disassembles easily. Good size. Lovely all over. Here is a picture with my bento. Great delivery and service from Ken! Thank you very much!

So glad you found another use for this drink bottle with the miso soup. I also use it and it does keep the contents hot/warm/cold for a long time! The red is indeed a lovely colour. It goes well with your new bento box :) Thanks so much!

Wonderful spacious bento!

This is a really nice bento. It has a lot of space - can fit a very generous meal for one with plenty of room for salad, vegetables, rice and some chicken! See my pictures! The colour is really colourful and bright, Fits together very well, and the silicon seal for the top section is good snug fit. It collapses well for transport. I purchased it with the lovely Sakura Red Chopstick case and the Ohashi Collection Chopsticks - Shunjyuu. At the last minute I added the Hama Monyo Miyabi Sakura Furoshiki (Ken kindly let me added it my order after I submitted it). And I complemented it with a Red Thermos for my miso. Delivery was perfect. Unboxing was a delight - the kind of packaging I would see when I would go shopping in Tokyo. Thank you Ken for wonderful service and a lovely bento!

Thanks Gunther for your lovely review! I'm so glad you found the bento box beautiful as well as functional :) it brings delight to know that even a little bit of Japan can be conveyed with these items. Hope you'll make lots of yummy bentos in these.

Beautiful products

These authentic Japanese products are stunning. I purchased two lunchboxes and two furoshiki. They arrived within a week and were beautifully and carefully packed. I bought them as Christmas presents and I'm certain they will be happily received. I think the items were fairly priced for the exceptional quality. I will keep this company on my list for future purchases.

I'm so glad you liked the items! Hope the recipients will like their gifts. Thanks so much, and look forward to seeing you again!

Super happy with the bento box

I bought this bento box for dieting purposes. It’s the perfect size for my needs. I was very surprised to find the lid to be textured, it looks even better in person!

I had a small issue with the strap and contacted them. The issue was resolved almost immediately. Wonderful customer service! Very, very happy. ☺️

Thanks so much Bella, and thanks for your patience regarding the strap issue. Hope the box will serve you well for a long time to come :)

Beautiful but…

Definitely not suitable for carrying liquids like curries or sauces. Even with the strap, it’s not a tight fit or secure, spilled everywhere.

Thanks alot for your feedback Ali. Yes, unfortunately this bento box design is not suitable for very wet or liquid foods. The inner lids are just placed on with no latch, and even with the bento band, it will not be firm enough to keep liquids in. This bento box is great for small snacks and meals, pasta, rice and fruits.
Despite this drawback, I hope you can still find a use for it!
Thank you.

The Prettiest Pink

Absolutely beautiful! My friend will love this gift.

Thanks so much! Hope your friend will like it!

so cute!

I got this for my two year old daughter for her birthday and she LOVES it! It is so cute and keeps her water cold which is a must in Australia.
And it's a bonus that we can get replacement straws from this store too!

Thanks alot Angela :) 2 year olds seem to love these bottles. So happy yours does too. Yes please check back if you ever need a replacement straw.

Love it

It's the perfect size for my bento but I've also been using it to stop my Japanese novels from getting torn as they have in the past since the paper is thinner than Western books. It also stops them from getting separated so that I don't have to dig around to find them when placed in my big backpack. I love how versatile furoshiki are and the pattern is really beautiful with the pastel colour gradient and sakura flowers, so I'd definitely recommend this item.

Thanks alot! So glad you've found more uses for the furoshiki you purchased! They are definitely really versatile.

Trip Drink Bottle 500ml | Black | from thermo mug
Made my dad absolutely jealous

My dad saw that it had a mug lid on it and was impressed as it allows you to share drinks, especially on picnics or hikes, without using the same bottle. He then asked how many hours it stayed warm for (eight hours later and it was still hot), and said that he should get something like that for his coffee. He kept asking even more questions and complimenting it every time I used it so I ordered a second one for Father's Day. Thanks to MajimeLife he will no longer have to experience the disappointment of cold coffee (which happens all too often with his current supermarket flasks). It's also cool that it has a strap to carry it since my bag's bottle holder broke.

Thanks so much KT for sharing this! It really makes my heart sing when I read about experiences like this. Thanks for your second purchase, and hope your dad likes it! I'm looking into adding a 1L version at some point :) Ken from Majime Life


Really sharp shipping, great customer service, the packaging was lovely and even came with a small print. Chopsticks fell very high quality and I cant wait to use them when I go to Uni.

Thanks Edward, glad you liked this one too! We're lucky to have a quick courier service in our area (at least most of the time! :) ), so I'm glad you got your order quickly. Happy chopsticking!

Perfect travel chopsticks!

I bought these to bring to uni, the small travel case is exactly what I wanted. Excellent size, and excellent quality

Thank you Edward! It's a really chic one that you got. Goes well with your bento box. Thanks again!

Gloss Black 2 Tier Bento Box
Edward South
Exactly What I was looking for

I needed a thin lunchbox to be able to carry in my satchel for uni, this was exactly what I wanted!

Thanks so much Edward! So glad that the bento box is what you expected. Hope it'll carry your yummy lunches for uni every day :)

Easy to use

Great quality, perfect size to make small parcels of bite size deliciousness!

Thank you! Hope it will help make lunch prep easy and at the same time.