Add a touch of Japan to your business gifting needs.

If you are looking to provide gifts for your staff or for a corporate business event that isn't another run of the mill product, how about a Japanese themed present?

Majime Life has a range of made in Japan items like bento boxes, chopsticks and Japanese wrapping cloths that not only tick the aesthetics box and are functional, but will evoke a sense of 'that's different'.

Chopsticks and Japanese wrapping cloths are especially affordable, portable and light, making them the ideal small gift idea.

And although pricier, Japanese style bento boxes are definitely a different class of gift. They look great and are perfect for everyday use.

Please use to form below if you are looking to purchase items in bulk for gifting purposes.

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Stylish and functional

Japanese chopsticks

Packed in a minimalist chopsticks gift box, we have a range of resin based and wooden chopsticks that doesn't break the bank. These make a simple yet thoughtful gift that conveys your appreciation with style.

furoshiki cloths gifts for business or corporate events


wrapping cloths

We have an extensive range of Japanese wrapping cloths, or furoshiki, that you can use to wrap other items or serve as gift themselves. They are a beatiful, eco-friendly and sustainable gift idea. For corporate gifts, they come folded in a sleeve.

If you are interested in purchasing items in bulk, there is a minimum order quantity of 10 per item type. We do offer a bulk discount but it depends on the item and quantity so please reach out via the form below.

Bulk orders will incur a separate shipping fee, but if you local to the Sydney metropolitan area, we may be able to deliver the items ourselves for just a handling fee.

If you need a lower quantity, you can order this through the standard checkout process. And if you sign up to our newsletter, you can still take advantage of the 10% discount for first orders.

As we import our products from our various suppliers in Japan, depending on the item we may not have enough stock. In this case, we may need a few weeks to order and receive the products.

Please reach out as early as possible to enquire about ordering bulk quantities, and if you have any other questions or requirements.

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