karakusa green fabric chopsticks case
karakusa green case opened with chopsticks by the side
chopsticks inside karakusa green fabric case
close up of fabric flap karakusa green chopsticks case
close up of soroban fastener fabric chopsticks case
karakusa green fabric case closed with chopsticks inside

Fabric Chopsticks Case Karakusa Green | Hand made

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Keep your chopsticks safe and clean with this handcrafted fabric chopsticks case. Made in Japan and designed with a traditional Karakusa pattern (represents intertwining vines to symbolize longevity and resilience), it fits chopsticks up to 23.5cm in length and can even accommodate sensu fans. Perfect to store your chopsticks for your bento and adding a touch of Japanese culture during meal time.

Comfortably store chopsticks up to 23.5cm in length. To secure the flap, wrap the string around the case and secure with the soroban (Japanese abacus) bead.

This case can be used to to store any one of our chopsticks from our chopsticks collection

Product details

  • Made in Japan
  • Can comfortably store chopsticks up to 23.5cm in length
  • Default dimensions: 21cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 1cm (thickness)
  • Weight: 15g
  • Material: 100% cotton (case), 100% acryl (string)
  • Product care: Fabric can be hand washed 

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