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hachikaku chopsticks blue red side by side
hachikaku blue chopsticks 22.5cm
hachikaku blue chopsticks diagonal full view
close up handles hachikaku blue chopsticks
close up tips hachikaku blue chopsticks
ultra close up handles hachikaku blue chopsticks
hachikaku red chopsticks 21cm
hachikaku red chopsticks diagonal
close up handles hachikaku red chopsticks
hachikaku red chopsticks tips
ultra close up handles hachikaku red chopsticks

Hachikaku Cross Wood Chopsticks | Navy, Red

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Diagonal grooves have been made across the handles of these chopsticks, creating a wagara-esque cross like pattern when you look at them individually or together. Whether you use them while entertaining or during dinner time everyday, the unique design of these hand-made chopsticks is sure to make them stand out at the dining table.

These chopsticks come in a navy (22.5cm) and red (21cm) version. The 8 sided shape make them easy and comfortable to hold, and the pointed Japanese style tips make handling small foods a breeze. 

Note this product is not sold as a set of two. As they are hand-made, there may be slight variations in the colour and surface. 

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Product details

  • Hand made in Japan by Kawai Co.
  • Length of chopsticks: 22.5cm (navy), 21cm (red)
  • Chopsticks weight: 11g (navy), 10g (red)
  • Chopsticks material: Wood
  • Coating: Acrylic coating

Product care

  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Hand wash with soft sponge. Do not use hard scrubbers which can damage coating
  • For best care, wipe dry after washing, and then air dry
  • Do not soak in water
  • Do not leave out in direct sunlight as colours may fade

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