hama monyo hare no hi furoshiki wrapped bento box close up showing turtle
hama monyo hare no hi furoshiki laid flat
hare no hi furoshiki covering bento box
furoshiki wrapped bento box side photo
45 degree angled shot hare no hi furoshiki hama monyo
hare no hi furoshiki tied knot close up
tortoise on hare no hi furoshiki hama monyo
crane bird corner of furoshiki hare no hi hama monyo
matsu tree hare no hi furoshiki

Hama Monyo Hare No Hi Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 50cm

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'Hare no hi' means 'sunny day' in Japanese. This furoshiki has been designed with features of nature that are symbolic of Okinawa. A strong sun and strong waves vie for attention, but immediately you will notice a majestic colourful crane crane in the corner too. You'll then notice a tortoise observing its wonderful surroundings in the other corner, but then realize the pine tree, plum flowers and bamboo all mingle in this weird and wonderful scenary.  

While you could use this as a bento box wrap, it is almost more suited to to be framed or draped as tapestry. In the latter case, it will surely be a focal point in your home. 

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Product details

This furoshiki can be used to wrap our standard sized bento boxes and will not fit our picnic bento boxesUse a larger furoshiki for our picnic bento boxes. 

  • Made in Japan
  • Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Material: 100% cotton shantung
  • Product care: Machine washable (cold wash); Like all cotton materials, a little colour may fade over time, so wash with like colours; Hot iron - 180-200 degrees

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