hananoito chopsticks black red side by side
ultra close shot showing handles of hananoito chopsticks
hananoito black chopsticks
close up of handles of hananoito chopsticks
hananoito black chopsticks inside package
angled profile of hananoito black chopsticks showing black handles and tips
close up showing the design inside the handles of the hananoito black chopsticks
ultra closeup patterns in handles hananoito red chopsticks
full length hananoito red wood chopsticks
handles hananoito red wood chopsticks
packaging hananoito red wood chopsticks
full length angled shot hananoito red wooden chopsticks
tips of hananoito chopsticks showing the surface
close up handles hananoito red wood chopsticks
lacquered tips hananoito red chopsticks

Hananoito Chopsticks | Black, Red | Wood, Japanese lacquer coated

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This exquisite pair of chopsticks is coated by the 'Wakasa Nuri' lacquering technique, which comes from the Wakasa region of Fukui prefecture in Japan. Wakasa Nuri uses a technique whereby lacquer and seashells/eggshells are arranged and applied in many layers and then polished to produce a beautiful pattern with a high quality and long lasting finish. The traditional process is highly involved and can take more than 60 steps. 

With the hananoito chopsticks, instead of shells, beautiful coloured strings are layered sequentially into the handle, and part of the Wakasa lacquering techinque of coating and polishing are applied. The end product is a stunning fusion of a traditional coating technique into a modern design. 

This pair of chopsticks comes packaged in a chopsticks sized box, so it is ready to be given as a gift for a special occasion or for yourself. The pointed tips of these chopsticks are your typical Japanese design, and allows you to handle and pick small foods and even noodles easily.  

Product details

  • Hand made in Japan by Kawai Co.
  • Length of chopsticks: 23cm (black), 21cm (red)
  • Chopsticks weight: 15g (black), 13cm (red)
  • Chopsticks material: Wood
  • Handle coating: Acrylic coating
  • Tip coating: Japanese lacquer

Product care

  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Hand wash with soft sponge. Do not use hard scrubbers which can damage coating
  • For best care, wipe dry after washing, and then air dry
  • Do not soak in water
  • Do not leave out in direct sunlight as colours may fade

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