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kikukomon chopsticks shishimai rests
kikukomon black red chopsticks side by side
shishimai chopsticks rests black red
kikukomon chopsticks on shishimia rests
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kikukomon chopsticks tips
red shishimai chopsticks rest on top of black rest
kikukomon chopsticks gift set box
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Kikukomon x Shishimai Chopsticks Gift Set

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While the chopsticks are beautifully crafted, there is no doubt that the chopstick rests will steal the show in this stunning gift set, at least at first glance.

The kikukomon chopsticks have an acrylic coating for the handles, which feature elegant chrysanthemum crests typical of Japanese design. The tips have been coated with Japanese lacquer using a traditional technique that goes into the creation of these chopsticks.

Then there are the shishimai chopstick rests. 'Shishi' means lion in Japanese, and 'mai' means dance. So just like the Chinese lion dance, these 'Shishimai' are the Japanese version of the lion dance. Shishimai is a symbol of good luck, and this gift set is crafted with the hope that the recipient may live a long and healthy life. 

Put together, the chopsticks and rest create a beautiful focal point at the dining table. This is the perfect gift for well wishes and celebrations. 

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Product details

  • Hand made in Japan by Kawai Co.
  • Size of gift box: 25cm (L) x 13.5cm (W) x 4.5cm (H)
  • Total weight of gift box: 200g
  • Length of chopsticks: 23cm (black), 21cm (red)
  • Chopsticks weight: 16g (black), 15g (red)
  • Chopsticks material: Wood
  • Rests material: ABS resin
  • Chopsticks coating: Acrylic coating (handles), Japanese lacquer (tips)

Product care

  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Handwash with a soft sponge
  • Do not use hard scrubbers which can damage coating
  • For best care, wipe dry after washing, and then air dry
  • Do not soak in water
  • Do not leave out in direct sunlight as colours may fade

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