kokeshi kunoichi 2 tier bento box and bwol
3 layers laid side by side kokeshi kunoichi bento box
overhead shot kokeshi kunoichi 2 tier bento box
kokeshi kunoichi bento box 2 layers plus bowl
all component kokeshi kunoichi bento box
close up insides 3 compartments kokeshi kunoichi
underneath kokeshi kuonoichi bento box elastic band
anti slip elastic bento box

Kokeshi Kunoichi 2 Tier Bento Box and Bowl

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Kunoichi is a female shinobi or ninja. The cute artwork of a kunoichi on this bento box will surely capture the imagination of adults and kids alike. With cute eye lashes and straight hair around the side of the face, you won't be blamed if you missed the ribbons and contrasting sai (short knives) on the bottom layer. 

The two round compartments will let you pack your cuisine of choice. Rice and bento side dishes, or pasta and salad - whatever you want. You can then use the bowl to make a hot soup during lunch if you have access to boiling water at work. Plus, all layers are microwave safe (without the inner lids), so you can enjoy a hot meal at the touch of a button.

And hopefully for kids, the cute design is enough for them to look forward to eating their meal. 

With a total combined volume of 1200ml over 3 layers (including the bowl), you'll surely be able to prepare a big meal or large snack. 

An anti-slip elastic band is supplied with the bento box to secure the 3 layers together. 

Note that due to the type of material used to print the design, this bento box is not recommended to be used in a dishwasher. Washing in a dishwasher may lead to the print decolouration. 

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Product details

  • Made in Ishikawa, Japan
  • Total capacity: 1,210ml (350ml (lower tier) + 500ml (top tier) + 360ml (bowl))
  • Dimensions (Full size): 11.5cm (Diameter) + 15.5cm (H)  
  • Dimensions (first and second tier): 11.5cm (Diameter) + 4.5cm (H)
  • Dimensions (bowl) : 11.5cm (Diameter) + 6cm (H)
  • Item weight: 350g
  • Materials: PET+ABS resin, PE; made with BPA-free plastic  
  • Microwave safe with the inner lids removed
  • Not dishwasher safe

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