kokeshi ninja 2 tier bento box and bowl
3 layers placed side by side ninja kokeshi bento box
kokeshi ninja bento box pictured from top
kokeshi ninja bento box opened up
three compartments kokeshi ninja bento box
overhead sho showing the insides of the 3 layers of the kokeshi ninja bento box
anti slip elastic bento band black and white stripes
kokeshi ninja bento band close up securing the bento box
kokeshi ninja kunoichi bento boxes

Kokeshi Ninja 2 Tier Bento Box and Bowl

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Make your food disappear like a ninja with this cool 2 layered round bento box. The head is cleverly topped off with a bowl which you can use to prepare hot soups for lunch. You can't miss the Japanese word 'shinobi' on the forehead, which means ninja. And the two kunai (short knives) lay to rest any doubts you might have had of its identity. 

Prepare and organize your food in two microwavable round layers which are capped by two internal lids. You can stash some an instant mix underneath the bowl, so just add boiling water for hot soup.

The 3 components are secured by an anti-slip elastic bento lunch band. 

Note that due to the type of material used to print the design, this bento box is not recommended to be used in a dishwasher. Washing in a dishwasher may lead to the print decolouration. 

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Product details

  • Made in Ishikawa, Japan
  • Total capacity: 1,210ml (350ml (lower tier) + 500ml (top tier) + 360ml (bowl))
  • Dimensions (Full size): 11.5cm (Diameter) + 15.5cm (H)  
  • Dimensions (first and second tier): 11.5cm (Diameter) + 4.5cm (H)
  • Dimensions (bowl) : 11.5cm (Diameter) + 6cm (H)
  • Item weight: 350g
  • Materials: PET+ABS resin, PE; made with BPA-free plastic  
  • Microwave safe with the inner lids removed
  • Not dishwasher safe

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