close up handles musou chopsticks green red
musou green red wood chopsticks side by side
musou green wood chopsticks overhead shot
full length musou chopsticks diagonal position
close up musou green chopsticks handles diagonal position
chopsticks tips musou green
ultra close up handles musou wood chopsticks green
musou red wood chopsticks 21cm
diagonally positioned musou red chopsticks full length
musou red wood chopsticks close up handles from diagonal angle
tips musou red chopsticks 21cm
ultra close up musou red chopsticks handles

Musou Wood Chopsticks | Green, Red | Dishwasher safe

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Named 'Musou' in Japanese, meaning reverie or daydream in English, these 8 sided chopsticks feature rings of gold and silver tones that are evenly spaced on the handles. Perhaps a daydream is what you might need during your lunch break at a busy day at work. 

Available in green or red, each version features alternating coloured handles encompassed by the embossed rings. As they are 8 sided, they are easy and comfortable to hold, and will make a unique addition to your dining table, whether for entertaining or for day to day use.

The pointed tips are typical of Japanese style chopsticks, and make picking small foods easier. They also have an anti-slip surface which makes them great for handling slippery foods. And due to the polyester coating, these wood chopsticks are also dishwasher safe!

Note this product is not sold as a set of two. As they are hand-made, there may be slight variations in the colour and surface. 

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Product details

  • Hand made in Japan by Kawai Co.
  • Length of chopsticks: 23cm (green), 21cm (red)
  • Chopsticks weight: 11g (green), 10g (red)
  • Chopsticks material: Wood
  • Coating: Polyester coating

Product care

  • Dishwasher safe
  • When handwashing, do so with a soft sponge. Do not use hard scrubbers which can damage coating
  • For best care, wipe dry after washing, and then air dry
  • Do not soak in water
  • Do not leave out in direct sunlight as colours may fade

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