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Onigiri wrapping sheets | 10 sheets

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Recreate a Japanese convenience store onigiri with these onigiri wrapping sheets. For those who want a crisp and crunchy seaweed experience when eating your riceballs, these sheets will do the job by keeping the seaweed separate from the rice. 

Because the ongiri is wrapped securely, you can carry your riceballs with these sheets, even without a bento box. Great for a quick snack that you can just store in your bag pocket. 

Dispose of responsibly, and if possible recycle the soft plastic. 

How to wrap

  1. Place the printed side of the onigiri sheet face down. Insert the seaweed from the left (red arrow) in between the sheets. 
  2. Place onigiri on top of the sheet. The size of the triangular onigiri should be around 7-8cm on each side.
  3. Position the onigiri in the centre of the left and right vertical centre lines, as shown in the figure. Make sure not to put the onigiri on the printed side. 
  4. Fold the onigiri sheet over the onigiri, and fold the corners towards the onigiri, as shown in the figure. 
  5. Fold the remaining flat corners over the onigiri, and use the sticker to secure them. If you are concerned about the 3 corners after the preparation, you can use a sticky tape to secure them. 

How to unwrap

  1. Pull the tape labelled “1” downwards.
  2. Continue to pull around the onigiri until completely unattached.
  3. Pinch the corners labelled “2” and pull outwards. Repeat for corner “3”. Remember to pull all the inner sheets out as well. 

Product details

  • Made in Japan
  • Contains 10 sheets with 10 stickers
  • Total Weight: Approximately 10g
  • Material: PP
  • Temperature tolerance: -30 to 70 degrees Celcius

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