Sakura Mokume Natural Chopsticks set
Chopsticks fitting into Sakura Mokume Natural Case
Close up shot showing wooden chopsticks on Sakura Mokume Natural Case
Sakura Mokume Natural Bento Box and Chopsticks Set

Sakura Mokume Chopsticks With Case Set - Natural

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Black outlines of sakura cherry blossum flowers adorn a case with a rustic wooden backdrop. This chopsticks set pairs with the Sakura Mokume series bento box. A pair of wooden chopsticks comes with the case. Keep your chopsticks clean and your bag from getting stained after your meal with this convenient case and chopsticks set.  

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Product details

  • Made in Japan
  • Length of chopsticks: 18cm 
  • Dimensions of case: 19.5cm (L) x 2.7cm (W) X 1.3cm (H)
  • Total weight: 46g
  • Case material: ABS (BPA-free)
  • Chopsticks material: Natural wood

Customer Reviews

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Emmy (Emel)
Best Chopsticks ever!

why buy your chopsticks from anywhere else? why wouldn't you buy your chopsticks from a reliable website that ships your product off as soon as you add to your cart and hit purchase? don't hesitate i can completely guarantee that the product is made with craftmanship you won't see anywhere from Ken at Majimelife for a product that directly comes from Japan.

For quality, perfect chopsticks that comes with its own case...look no further!

Thanks for the enthusiastic review Emmy, we really appreciate it!
Hope you can have great use for these chopsticks!