Majime Life Sakura Stripes double sided furoshiki pink side with small sakura flowers
Japanese furoshiki Sakura stripes cover a mage wappa bento box. Made in Japan.
One side shows stripes of different coloured background with sakura flowers.
Sakura Stripes Furoshiki Japanese wrapping cloth from Majime Life. Ideal to tie bento boxes.
Reversible double sided furoshiki made in Japan.  Shows a wrapped bento box
Cute knot of the Sakura Stripes Japanese wrapping cloth. Made in Japan. Know shows the design of the other side.
Wide view of the sakura stripes furoshiki

Sakura Stripes Black and Pink Double Sided Wrapping Cloth (Furoshiki) 48cm

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Looking for a simple everyday furoshiki (wrapping cloth) for your bento box? Then this furoshiki is for you! Made of polyester, it is durable and difficult to wrinkle, making it perfect for wrapping your bento box. It can also be used as an eco-friendly alternative for wrapping and beautifying small gifts with a personal touch. 

This double sided wrapping cloth features small sakura flowers on different backdrops. On one side are sakura flowers in various shades of gray, black and white on a stylized pattern of stripes. On the other side are white sakura flowers on a pink background. Choose the side that fits your mood for the day. 

Note - Made of Polyester. This furoshiki will not fit our picnic bento boxes. 

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Product details

  • Made in Japan
  • Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Product care: Machine washable (cold wash); Warm iron - 140-160 degrees; avoid higher temperatures as it may melt due to the material

Customer Reviews

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Happy & Disappointed

I purchased to his item and some others but this item has been the only disappointment as it not cotton fabric

Thanks for your feedback Deeanna. So sorry you were disappointed with this item. Yes it is indeed made of polyester, not cotton. This is described on the product page under product details, but we may have to make it more prominent so customers can easily see it before making the decision to purchase. I hope it can still be of use though.
Thanks for taking the time to review, it will help make the next customer experience better.



Many thanks for your feedback, and thanks for purchasing from us!

Nice furoshiki

I bought this furoshiki with a bento box. It has a nice design. It’s double sided and can see through a little but but good for the price point.

Thanks for your review! The material for this furoshiki is thin, so yes you can slightly see the design on the other side. This furoshiki is made from polyester, so is hard to wrinkle and is great for everyday use.